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I’ve got something to fill that slimey, gaping hole of yours

A new post.

After around a year now, I’ve decided to finally update my damn website. Don’t worry, this isn’t because something earth-shattering has occurred; it’s because I have decided that rather than  constantly sending links to my friends to post on their sites that maybe I could put forth a bit of effort and start making posts again.

Halloween is coming up and I hope like me, you are getting prepared. Oh, you’re not… well here are some videos to get you in the mood.

Looks like someone saw Carrie.

Zombies and the Misfits. Awesome. Still needs more Danzig.

Now here’s a trailer for an upcoming movie where Aaron Eckhart is Frankenstein’s monster fighting angels and demons

It looks entertainingly terrible.

Finally, here is a fan-made Wonder-woman trailer.

I think I would be okay with that being the template for a full length movie.

Well, now that shot my proverbial load of  videos at your faces and that it is around 1 in the morning, it is bed time for this Bonzo.