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Halloween Themed Title Here.

Hi boys and ghouls. Happy Halloween! Here are some videos. First up, some music videos for you Halloweenies.

And now, a moment of zen.

And, now… some boobs.

Now get off my lawn you damn kids.

Good, Bad, …

I’m the one posting, so probably a little of both. Welcome again everybody to my current corner of the the interwebs. In an effort to fill the void of my friend Sandwichcontrol probably not making a post for tomorrow (he’s doing other things, like getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to travel to a friend of ours wedding) I’m making yet another post this week. Mind you, it is nothing cream your pants awesome… or maybe it is. I’ll let you be the judge.

First up, a funny fake trailer just in time for Halloween.

It wouldn’t make for a very interesting horror movie, but a more realistic one probably.

Next up are some music videos as per usual. Amazingly, not all of these are from metal bands, but bands with a more indie flare. First up is the band Metric.

Next up are The Raveonettes.


And now, some metal.

She might be able to destroy me. Not sure I  would care.

And now …. something.

Honestly, I don’t think this particular band is that good, but I think their lead singer is kind of hot. In a dirty way. I got this song on a free “metal sampler” at Hastings is the only way I knew of it.

I really should probably find something more productive to do during my dialysis treatments other than finding videos on YouTube. Well that’s it for tonight. Actually it’s morning now. Shit.

The Daaannngggeeerr Zooonnneee!!!

Hi everybody. I have more video craziness for all of you since you’ve all been such good little children.

First up there is this from Archer.

Next up, Fathers beware.

Honestly, most of the Daddy Knows Best videos are pretty funny. You should check them out.

Now on to my normal metal/hard rock type music postings. I’m warning you now these are all from the 80’s, but hey, you should be used to that by now when it comes to me. What you’re not used to is that these hail from Japan. First up Hamada Mari.

Next up is a band called DEAD END.

Next up SHOW-YA.

That’s all for now.

I’ve got something to fill that slimey, gaping hole of yours

A new post.

After around a year now, I’ve decided to finally update my damn website. Don’t worry, this isn’t because something earth-shattering has occurred; it’s because I have decided that rather than  constantly sending links to my friends to post on their sites that maybe I could put forth a bit of effort and start making posts again.

Halloween is coming up and I hope like me, you are getting prepared. Oh, you’re not… well here are some videos to get you in the mood.

Looks like someone saw Carrie.

Zombies and the Misfits. Awesome. Still needs more Danzig.

Now here’s a trailer for an upcoming movie where Aaron Eckhart is Frankenstein’s monster fighting angels and demons

It looks entertainingly terrible.

Finally, here is a fan-made Wonder-woman trailer.

I think I would be okay with that being the template for a full length movie.

Well, now that shot my proverbial load of  videos at your faces and that it is around 1 in the morning, it is bed time for this Bonzo.