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Avengers, Some Assembly required.

I’m actually back today. As most good nerds know, The Avengers movie came out on DVD yesterday, so I decided to get out and buy a copy. In my search, I find that the regular DVD release to be lacking in the neato bonuses I like on my DVDs, so I decide to look at what the blue-ray release has to offer. That’s it. I guess I must finally resend my previous statements to my family about how we don’t need a blue-ray player. I find a affordable one at best-buy and pick up the 4-disk blue-ray that comes with a 3-D version of the movie, a short film apparently only found on the blue-ray release, a crap-ton of bonus features, digital download of the movie for ipod, a digital download comic, and the soundtrack. You see, since my mom wanted to watch NCIS, I decide to go ahead and get all the online bonus stuff that came with the disc. I got all of that done, so now it was time to set up the new player. I set up the built in wi-fi on the device and I even got netflix set up on it, and all that worked with no problem. I decide “okee-doky, time to watch the short film that is on the blue-ray”. I get an error message saying unrecognized disc. I try all the various discs in the set. Same thing. I think maybe it’s just the avenger discs. Since it is supposed to play DVDs as well, so I grab my Gremlins disc. No bueno. I try resetting it back to the factory settings. I then try Transformers, the 1986 one of course, mumble “you’ve got the touch” at the new player, aaannnd…… fuck you player. So, that’s going back to the store at some point today.

Not even the power of Optimus Prime can make the player work. What’s the world coming to.

I have to get ready to go to my Dialysis treatment, so that’s all for now.

It’s all in the details.

My first attempt at posting this got ate by wordpress and I kept having problems with posting media, so this is shortened attempt number 3. My weekend was interesting, as anyone who read Furious-Jessy’s site will notice. Mr. Pod will hopefully not bother us again. I dropped off his ipod with him at the school Monday night. Also got to see UAFS’s newest “movement-based piece” as my old professor there would call it. Yet  another interpretive dance show. I also get an eyeful of girls in sports bras and spandex; and also some dudes in spandex.

Comics, you lied to me.

80’s Hair Metal… You should be ashamed of yourself. And you also lied to me.

On to more metal things, I picked up Accept’s new album, Stalingrad yesterday. They were a German metal band from the 80’s who I think most people just remember for this little ditty:

More stuff tomorrow, hopefully. You see I also had a Blue-ray player debacle yesterday, but seeing as I need some sleep I’ll post about it tomorrow.