Monthly Archives: May 2012

I don’t think I’m going to do Hamster style anymore.

Welcome again my friends. Since my friend, the  Reverend D.W. returned from the land of the rising sun, I’ve recently gotten involved in playing the tabletop rpg Pathfinder. I’m actually gearing up for another Pathfinder session tonight, continuing our battles with the clockwork machinations from space. So far we haven’t died in our pursuit to vanquish them, so hopefully we will continue that trend tonight. Also, I think we’re recording our session tonight, so it should pop up soon on my buddy Sandwich Control’s blog.

I decided to reserve a copy of this game yesterday. For reserving it, I get a bonus costume that has Juliet dressed like Ash from Evil Dead and some other costume, but really, the only one I give a shit about is Ash.

In health news, it looks like I will probably start dialysis next month and, barring any further complications, it will be here in town at the new treatment center that is just a couple of blocks from my house.

More to come soon.

I only come out at night. Mostly….

It has been quite a long time since I’ve actually posted anything on my site, so I thought that I would, you know, start doing stuff like that again. For that matter, I’m going to try and update the site once or twice a week from now on. For this update, rather than boring you with recent crap relating to my health or other current events in my life since I’m relatively  certain that most of the people that view this are already pretty up to date on those events, I thought that I would post some recent junk I’ve found in my forays onto the internet. First off there is this:

This is Jenna Marbles. She is funny, pretty, and is my new internet crush. I suggest you check out her videos on youtube.

Next up is something that proves there is a nerd item for every niche demographic. Behold!!!

Time Lord not included

So there you have it. A dildo with a Tardis encased in it. It’s not on sale yet, but apparently will be soon. The fact that I now know this exists hurts my brain a little bit.

Lastly there is this awesomeness.

Keep in mind that Clare Grant, one of the girls in this video, is married to Seth Green. That’s it for today.  Now to prepare for playing  Pathfinder tonight.