Monthly Archives: August 2011

Why is this jewel blinking red?

Well it finally happened. I’ve turned 30. Time for Carousel and Renewal.

Oh…. maybe I should start running.

Long live the new flesh!

Due to popular demand, I have decided to make a posing today. I guess I’ll start trying to do this at least once a week.  It’s been about two weeks since I had the surgery on my left arm to rewire my veins for my eventual dialysis and I seem to be healing up pretty well with only a tiny scar to show for it. It does now feel as  though that I now have weird-robotic machinations going on under the surface of my arm now when you touch it.

Behold, the New Flesh!

Aside from this, since my birthday is later this month, and it is a milestone (I’m turning 30) my friends and I have been trying to plan some sort of shindig, though honestly, my main motivation for actually doing something this year is that it will be a good excuse to get this girl I’m friends with  to come down and hangout with me and my friends, which reminds me I haven’t actually talked to her since before my surgery. I should do that.  I also still need to finish her gift I was going to give her for her birthday last month. Here’s a video for your entertainment. Jackie and I watched this movie Saturday night. For the awesomeness, fast forward to 0:43 and keep in mind it is NWS for 80’s sex montage.