Monthly Archives: July 2011

Still watching questionable 80’s movies

After a previous night of watching such great 80’s cheese like “Night of the Demons”, Night of the Comet”, and “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama” with my friends, you would think I would be smart and not watch anymore brain-damaging awesome movies from the 80’s, but then again, anyone who knows me will know about my ability to find entertainment in almost anything from my youth. I just got done watching “Vice Academy” for I guess what would be the first time since I first saw it many years ago on “USA Up-All-Night”. This would also be the first time I saw it with the T N’ A intact. I kind-of had to resort to drinking to finish it this time though (what twenty some- odd years will do to ones ability to watch dumb movies). It is still pretty damn entertaining though so I guess I don’t regret spending 8 dollars for the first three movies of the series box-set. I guess as the week goes by I’ll try and watch the rest of the set. Who knows, it may be next weekends bad movies from Trey’s collection movie night.Sort of on the same wave length of stupid things that remind me of my youth, Here is a fake flesh-light¬† trailer for the masses starring Jenna Haze. It’s not that it has a pornstar in it that reminds me of my youth; it is that the trailer reminds me of every teen-sex comedy trailer that I’ve ever seen. It is not exactly work-safe so don’t look at it if you are at work.

It even has an 80’s cheesetastic theme song¬† playing in the background. Also after the amazing awesome and inappropriate gift The Saint gave me for Christmas last year, I couldn’t help but post this hilarity. This is for you buddy.

Here I am, Rock You Like a Hurricane.

This site was started originally way back at the beginning of January 2011 for a Jane Austen literature class I thought I needed to take. I ended up dropping it because as it turned out I already had the requisite English credit I needed to graduate, but since the site still exists I thought I may want to start using it. Starting this week I will begin to give it that New-Trey smell